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    How to connect Maven to downloaded Java project?
    I downloaded the project, unpacked it, opened it with IntelliJ Idea, but of course the project is not going to, since some dependencies are missing. I don't understand this, so please keep this in mind when you write your answer.
    Java Hunter Roy, Mar 7, 2019

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    How to create a simple Java + Maven pluggable application?
    I decided to make my desktop application in Java possible to extend it with plugins. The essence of loading plugins is as follows: the application searches in a certain directory for the plugin jar file and its descriptor describing the name, version, main class, etc., using URLClassLoader this ...
    Java Anonymous, Mar 4, 2020

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    What should I learn to work with a GUI in Java?
    Hello, I passed the DPA (OGЄ) trial tests with computer science, everything is clear, but there is a task with creating an application with a graphical interface. The logic and functions of this application are the lightest, but I have already learned Java normally and I have a question "How can I ...
    Java Micah Rojas, Feb 16, 2020

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    How to place libraries in a web application?
    How to place libraries in a web application? Created the simplest servlet in Intellij Idea. I wrote the dependencies in pom.xml: <dependencies> <dependency> <groupId>javax.servlet</groupId> <artifactId>javax.servlet-api</artifactId> ...
    Java Parker Bray, Feb 7, 2019

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    How do I install Avro for Java on Windows?
    When launching the Java library, I get this error: ERROR Stopping after connector error (org.apache.kafka.connect.cli.ConnectStandalone) java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.BootstrapMethodError: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org / apache / avro / Schema As you can see, ...
    Java Alexandra Werner, Jun 12, 2020

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    Multi-digit counter from numbers in any base (Java), how to do?
    A positive integer N arrives at the entrance. I need to make N digits, each of which can take values ​​0 ... (N-1) and iterate over all of them. Example: N = 3 combinations: 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 1 0 ....... 2 2 2 N is not necessarily a digit, it can be, for example, 27. This means 27 ...
    Java Anonymous, Sep 21, 2019

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    How to correctly fill in the date fields of the yml dataset for testing the controller?
    Good day! I am now writing tests for the controller, via MockMVC, using yml datasets. The controller has a lot of requests with dates (per day, per week, per month). I can't figure out how to approach the issue of filling the dataset with dates more correctly in order to exclude their manual ...
    Java Anonymous, Sep 19, 2020

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    How to disable console output of test result in TestNG?
    Good afternoon! How can I turn off the output to the console of test results in Java + TestNG? To prevent this sign from being displayed after launch: = >Default Suite Total tests run: 1, Passes: 1, Failures: 0, Skips: 0 ===============================================
    Java Anonymous, Apr 4, 2019

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    How to figure out which to use: reflection, references, interface?
    Hello! Please help me with understanding and searching for information: in what cases is it better to access data as input when building a universal algorithm that works on arbitrary 3rd party class trees: 1.with method references? 2. Reflective method access? 3.Using interfaces? Thank you so ...
    Java Michael Owens, Jan 7, 2020

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    How to send photos to telegram api?
    I've already rummaged a bunch of sites for sending photos, they write the same method everywhere, but I always get an error on .setPhoto, maybe there is some other way?
    Java Hannah Hester, Mar 28, 2020

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    Is there a Java analogue of the "value" html attribute (for text fields) that would "prefill" the Scanner or BufferedReader on console input?
    When reading text from the console, I want it to be pre-filled with some kind of template, which would be duplicated into this very console, as if printed outside. So that the console gets about the same functionality that the value attribute gives to html text fields (i.e. so that the entered ...
    Java Anonymous, Jul 1, 2020

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    How do I redirect to TomCat?
    I deployed a project to a VPS in TomCat, but I want to access it on the same VPS not through localhost: 8080 / myapp , but through a domain name like . Previously, I have not encountered deployment, please tell me how this can be organized.
    Java Eliot Baker, Jan 6, 2019

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    Java + Spring + Mongo How to pull object from collection by array element value?
    In the collection, an object containing the "ask" field as an array of options and "answer" as string A request comes from the client - "a certain word" and if there is such a value in the object array, the object itself is returned. If instead of asking just a String, I got the object easily ...
    Java Anonymous, Nov 4, 2019

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    What's the best way to save ArrayList?
    In the application, some progress is saved in ArrayList, then it needs to be saved. I chose .txt as the simplest, but when loading saved words, characters like [ , are added to them, which makes the list invalid. SQLite just started lighting up and I don't understand how to drive a List into ...
    Java Anonymous, Sep 11, 2019

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    Why does nothing happen after sorting?
    Did the sorting of an array of objects of class Student. Insertion sort worked correctly, but ran into a problem with quicksort. The program stops after student.quickSort (0, 4) in main, or rather, the input to the console starts, and it is not clear why. import java.util.Scanner;public class ...
    Java Anonymous, Oct 20, 2020

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    How to check if the user is in the telegram chat?
    I need to check if the user is in chats (several chats), I don’t understand through what I create the Chat variable by chatId
    Java Anonymous, May 25, 2019

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    Question about working with FileOutputStream and ByteArrayOutputStream?
    Hello everyone! There is a task to create pdf with xml using apache.Fop. Have a question about getting pdf: 1) With FileOutputStream everything is ok, the file is saved in the folder 2) With ByteArrayOutputStream I get this (Unknown location or error) Stream closed %PDF-1.4 ...
    Java Max Eaton, Aug 13, 2020

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    Did I create the Flowable correctly in RxJava3?
    I just started to get acquainted with this framework, and I feel like a monkey with glasses. In general, I need a Flowable that will create objects and pass them to the observer. The documentation says the recommended way now is to use Flowable.create (). As I understand it, this is not the best ...
    Java Levi Baker, Jan 29, 2020

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    Can an interface be thought of as a way of describing a datatype in JAVA?
    Hello. Recently I came across an interesting definition that interfaces and abstract classes are essentially descriptions of abstract types. As far as I understand in JAVA, abstract classes are a description of abstract types. Interfaces are like a contract or a handy tool for polymorphism. But ...
    Java Sawyer Cooke, Nov 22, 2020

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    How to go back from the corner atan2 back to the coordinate?
    With the help of atan2 and some trigonometric functions, I am looking for the distance between two gps coordinates, but now there is a goal to go back to the coordinates. Please help me find the "x" and "y" which are in atan2. final double RADIUS = 6372795; double a1 = 51.509069,a2 = ...
    Java Anonymous, Aug 31, 2020