Button click automation with JS?

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    There is a site (not mine) where it was necessary to do autocomplete and auto-submit of the form. Wrote a custom script. Now, when you run the script, you can automatically fill in and submit the form.
    Today I went to DevTools in the Network section and saw this picture (attached to this question). Tell me what all these lines mean, I myself could not figure it out at all. It's about the labels in the timing tab.
    JavaScript Lorelei Sherman, Nov 2, 2020

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    Here is additional information about each of the stages that you can see in the Timing tab:

    1. Queueing . The browser queues requests when:

      1. There are higher priority requests.

      2. There are already six TCP connections open for this source, which is the limit. Applies to HTTP / 1.0 and HTTP / 1.1 only.

      3. Browser briefly allocates disk cache space

    2. Stalled . The request may have been stopped for any of the reasons described in Queueing .

    3. DNS Lookup . The browser detects the IP address of the request.

    4. Initial connection . The browser establishes a connection including TCP handshake / retries and SSL negotiation.

    5. Proxy negotiation . The browser negotiates the request with the proxy.

    6. Request sent . The request is being sent.

    7. ServiceWorker Preparation . The browser starts the service worker.

    8. Request to ServiceWorker . The request is sent to the service worker.

    9. Waiting (TTFB) . The browser is waiting for the first byte of the response. TTFB stands for Time to First Byte. This time includes 1 round trip delay and the time taken by the server to prepare the response.

    10. Content Download . The browser receives a response.

    11. Receiving Push . The browser receives data for this response via HTTP / 2 Server Push.

    12. Reading Push . The browser reads the previously received local data.

    Source .

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