Running JavaScript?

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    If someone has followed a similar path, please give a hint.
    Have experience with Python / Django / Flask / PostgreSQL / Redis / REST API backend development
    There is an urgent need (2 months) to learn JavaScript for the front, maybe there is an option not from the basics of programming, but, so to speak, to dive in there from a run?))
    And the question is also of interest, what are the different frameworks nodejs, angular, react, which of these is more relevant and for what tasks are they used?
    Links to literature / courses / bootcamps that helped you are welcome!
    Thanks for the feedback!
    JavaScript Caleb Flynn, Jul 9, 2019

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    dive in there, so to speak?

    there is nothing better than getting a job on a June front-end - dive so deep you can swim

    what are the different frameworks nodejs, angular, react, which of these is more relevant and for what tasks are they used?

    Well, this is a hellish mixture of a heap of unnecessary. For example, I saw one front project - 2 megabytes of static not zipped - they say this is normal. The project was on react.

    Why a bunch of unnecessary things? Because the dealers shove the package as it is without understanding whether all this is needed in the project.

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    Interesting question!

    Here you need to start from how urgent the need is and what the goal is, if you have, for example, a month and / or a goal - an additional skill for work, then this can be done with the proper approach, provided that you already have experience and a programming base ... I will answer with the expectation of this time, if you have less time, I will not be able to say anything.

    First, you need to make a list of technologies that you need to learn.

    html (for markup - how and what is on the page)

    css (for styles - how it looks)

    If you are already familiar with these technologies, this is good.


    The first 4 days I would devote to the basics of JS (syntax, data types, data structures, array methods, working with dom, asynchrony)

    The new will be dom, the rest will be similar to python.

    dom - document object model - a tree of tags that can be manipulated with js. This is an important topic, which is the main one and without which, roughly speaking, JS is no different from python, it will help, more precisely, it will be necessary for mastering the frameworks.

    If you need to develop applications, then

    The rest of the time the framework, a little later than the basics, accompanying technologies (for managing state, routing, etc.), it is better to use react if you have a choice, because it is easier to learn than angular

    About frameworks:

    node.js - framework for writing backend in js

    react, angular, vue - for frontend

    angular - for serious applications, enterprise, as far as I understand.

    react - for less serious applications, but can also be used for serious

    Frameworks are used to write web applications in JS. It is based on the speed and minimal cost of operations with dom, reusable components, in principle, a component approach to writing applications.

    otherwise you can go deeper into js and work with dom, asynchrony


    React documentation is good.

    html: first sites in search

    css: big book css

    js: learnjs; videos for every taste, for all popular technologies and js basics - UCg8ss4xW9jASrqWGP ...

    The video can be turned on at double speed, so as not to waste time, if it is convenient to listen to, in principle, I understand it normally.

    On the same channel, you can watch any video, for example, on react and understand in general what this technology is.

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