What is the best way to store and manage data on a live site page?

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    Let's imagine a typical shopping list:
    There is a field to enter what you need to buy and an "Add" button.
    In parallel, this shopping list is maintained in another part of the page.
    In theory. The list can be assigned as an ordinary object and when you click the button, add data from the input field to the content of this block from a new line.
    But how to make it possible to remove the desired positions from this list? For example, I changed my mind that I need to buy such and such a product and somehow I want to delete it
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jan 14, 2020

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    Read about the principles on which spa applications are built, for example, angular or react.

    You can do some angular starter tutorial, for example , this should be enough to clarify

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    Seth Diaz

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