How do I check if a variable exists?

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    What is the shortest way to do so that it does not give an error if objects do not have a certain property, for example $ {e.breeds [0] .name}
    function createPics() {
    		let containerCats = '';
    			let htmlCats = `
    			<div class="cat__item">
    				<div class="cat__img"><img src="${e.url}" alt="${e.breeds[0].name}"></div>
    				<div class="cat__name">${e.breeds[0].name}</div>
    				<div class="cat__temperament">${e.breeds[0].temperament}</div>
    				<div class="cat__live">${e.breeds[0].life_span}</div>
    				<div class="cat__origin">${e.breeds[0].origin}</div>
    				<div class="cat__description">${e.breeds[0].description}</div>
    				<div class="cat__wikipedia_url">${e.breeds[0].wikipedia_url}</div>
    			containerCats +=htmlCats;
    		generalDiv.innerHTML = containerCats;
    JavaScript Ronan Horton, Sep 9, 2019

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