Elfinder - how to generate editor1 for forms?

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    Hello everyone.
    Somehow it is possible for the id to be generated, which we insert into the form, there are many forms and they are with different id, if you insert editor2 into all forms, it will work for one, and if you do editor2, editor3 and so on, then this is for a fixed number of in forms, but they are not fixed on one page and I want to load editor2 to them.

    <script type="text/javascript">
      var areas = Array('editor2');
      $.each(areas, function (i, area) {
        CKEDITOR.replace(area, {
          filebrowserBrowseUrl: '/elFinder/elfinder.html',
          filebrowserImageBrowseUrl: '/elFinder/elfinder.html',
          filebrowserWindowWidth: '1050',
          filebrowserWindowHeight: '300',

    <textarea name="otvet" id="editor2" rows="5"></textarea>
    JavaScript Anonymous, Sep 28, 2020

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