How do I connect the Vue.js (Nuxt) plugin correctly?

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    You need to connect plugin to the project.
    Tell me how to do it right?

    In particular, I'm interested in the following:
    1. Where to place the following code.
    `require ('vue2-animate / dist / vue2-animate.min.css')`

    2. Where should the plugin be placed? PATH_TO_SOURCE
    `$ animationDuration: 0.5s; // specify animation duration. Default value: 1s
    Dmitrijs Balcers "/src/sass/vue2-animate.scss"; `

    I would be very grateful if you can show me with an example.
    JavaScript Everly Durham, Jan 14, 2019

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    In the plugins folder, create a file, connect what you need in it, call Vue.use (/*...*/) and in the config, in the plugnis section, add the path to the file.

    Start with docks to nakst , everything is described there.

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