How to implement such a slider on GSAP?

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    Good afternoon!

    I am trying to make animation like on the website using ScrollMagic and GSAP.
    I have questions:
    1) How can I implement scrolling text without delay? That is, to always scroll the text. An example from the link above.
    2) How can I implement a smooth photo change?

    I don't really understand much about GSAP, although I've been trying to figure it out for the third day.
    Please help me with the implementation.

    Good day!
    JavaScript Natalie Arnold, Mar 20, 2019

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    gsap is a library for animating numbers. Not the best, not the easiest, not the most free.

    Personally, I was interested in

    As for your task, is it not clear what the problem is? You need to lay out everything first. Then you initialize scrollmagic and add the necessary blocks to the scene, specify when and how much to show them. If you want to do something with the block, change pictures for example, then subscribe to events from scrollmagic and do what you need based on the scroll value.

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