How to allow access to a document in Firestore, knowing its id?

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    Good day!

    It is necessary to implement a chat on firestore between two anonymous users. There is a chats collection with a list of documents, you need to deny access to get a list of all documents in the collection, and allow access to the document if the user knows its identifier.

    Such a request should cause an error for the user (permission denied)
    firebase.firestore (). collection ("chats"). get ()

    Such a request should return all the fields of the document

    those. you need to provide access to the document if you know its identifier
    JavaScript Aden Haley, May 2, 2020

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    Found the answer:

    You can split the reading rules and the list. Fetch rules apply to individual document requests, and list rules apply to collection requests and requests ( docs ).

    match /users/{userId} {

    //signed in users can get individual documents
    allow get: if request.auth.uid != null;

    //no one can query the collection
    allow list: if false;

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