TypeError gulp-webp-css when adding img class or date attribute?

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    Gulp swears when adding a class or date attribute that specifies a color. How to fix this error?

    <div class="product-prev__header">
    		<div class="js-product-prev__slider">
    			<img class="product-prev__img" src="img/content/products/product-1/8521-B.jpg" alt="Самокат Smiley Mini 8521 (синий)"
    			<img class="product-prev__img" src="img/content/products/product-1/8521-R.jpg" alt="Самокат Smiley Mini 8521 (красный)"
    			<img class="product-prev__img" src=" img/content/products/product-1/8521-O.jpg" alt="Самокат Smiley Mini 8521 (оранжевый)"
    JavaScript Cole Charles, Jul 15, 2020

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