How can I find the key of the object with the maximum value in the array?

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    Array = & gt; const arr = [{a: 5}, {b: 3}, {c: 1}, {d: 6}]

    Is there anything better than this? In short, brighter ...
    Is this a normal decision?
    const arr = [{a: 5}, {b: 3}, {c: 1}, {d: 6}]
    const sortArr = arr.sort ((a, b) = & gt; Object.values ​​(b) - Object.values ​​(a))
    const maxKey = Object.keys (sortArr [0]). join ('')
    console.log (maxKey)
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jul 19, 2019

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    Well, you can. I don't know how brilliant it is and definitely not shorter, but in one pass and without unnecessary sorting of the array.

    const arr = [{a:5},{d:6},{g:0},{b:3},{c:1}];
    let max = null;
    let result;

    for (const currentObj of arr) {
    const currentValue = currentObj[Object.keys(currentObj)[0]];
    const currentKey = Object.keys(currentObj)[0];

    if (max < currentObj[currentKey] || max === null) {
    max = currentValue;
    result = currentKey;
    Samuel Leach

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    It can be more efficient, without sorting, in one pass reduce.

    You can also write shorter
    only it will be difficult to read
    const maxKey = arr.reduce((a,c,v)=>(v=Object.values(c)[0],v<a.v?a:{k:Object.keys(c)[0],v:v}),{k:0,v:-Infinity}).k;

    If we assume that the values ​​are greater than zero, and return not only the key, but the entire maximum object, then even shorter:

    const maxElem = arr.reduce((a,c,v)=>(v=Object.values(c),v<a.v?a:{k:c,v:v}),{k:0,v:0}).k;

    Elijah Huerta

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    xs how much more adequate it is) well, you can store the key and value separately.

    let max = arr[0]
    arr.slice(1).forEach(function(elem) {if(Object.values(max)[0]<Object.values(elem)[0]) {max = elem}});

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    Some of my game:

    const arr = [{a:5},{b:3},{c:1},{d:6}];

    let vals =>Object.values(v)[0]);
    let key = Object.keys(arr[vals.indexOf(Math.max(...vals))])[0];


    IMHO: the option BigSmoke is the fastest and also readable for a living person - which is important in our business.
    Marilyn McClure

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    Your version is also not bad, add it to him.

    console.log(Object.keys(arr.sort(((a, b) =>Object.values(b)-Object.values(a)))[0])[0])

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    const b = [{a:5},{b:3},{c:1},{d:6}];
    const maxValue = Math.max( => Object.values(d)[0]));
    const result = Object.keys(b[b.findIndex(c => Object.values(c)[0] === maxValue)])[0]


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