How to simplify the condition for the paginator?

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    I created such a paginator, how to simplify the condition without changing the behavior? Help.
    JavaScript Elliot Small, Feb 12, 2019

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    Let's put in separate variables the conditions that determine whether it is necessary to show groups of buttons that ...

    // ...прилегают к первой кнопке
    const showAfterFirst = currentPage < 5;

    // ...прилегают к последней кнопке
    const showBeforeLast = currentPage > totalPages - 4;

    Accordingly, the conditions for displaying ellipsis after / before the first / last buttons will be reversed values: ! ShowAfterFirst and ! ShowBeforeLast . To show the center button group, both base conditions must be false: ! (ShowAfterFirst || showBeforeLast) .

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