How to enable swipe slider in bootstrap modal?

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    The idea is this, we open a modal window, when you click on the picture, the slider code with the gallery is inserted. Which for some reason doesn't work.
    Further in one modal window there will be more pictures, and accordingly, each picture should have its own gallery.

    What's the problem?
    The slider is displayed but not working.

    UPD-1: I noticed that the slider works only after the second window call. How to fix it?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jun 6, 2020

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    doesn't work for some reason

    Indeed, some miracles. Still, you are doing the right thing - first you initialize the slider, then create a container and slides for it ... Oh, yes.

    Maybe, on the contrary, try - first create all the necessary elements, and only then pull new Swiper ?

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