How to dynamically change the name of an element?

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    The site template generates several blocks using the code:
    echo '& lt; ul id = "menu" & gt;';

    as a result, several blocks with the same ID are formed on the page.


    How to dynamically substitute a prefix for this ID so that each subsequent block on the page is formed with the ID:


    etc., as this code is called?

    Thank you in advance!
    JavaScript Eleanor Cooke, Feb 21, 2020

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    And if not in a loop, then like this:

    $menuId = 0; // Где-то в области видимости объявляем переменную.

    // Потом просто
    echo '<ul id="menu_'.++$menuId.'">';

    In general, it is better to write HTML and PHP separately. I mean, don't write all HTML in templates in PHP strings.
    William House

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    If blocks are formed in a loop, then you can add the iteration number to the ID by simple concatenation

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