How do I use a proxy in my extension?

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    As far as I know, the extension APIs allow you to locally apply one or another proxy in the browser. Maybe I'm asking a lot, but could anyone give an example of how this is done? Sample code to change browser proxy.

    I'm only interested in the Google Chrome browser. If you suddenly think that I am a little swollen with such requests, then you can send me away, read the documentation, I will understand and not be offended) Just give me a link, otherwise all my attempts at googling give out ready-made extensions, and not instructions, as in extension change proxy.
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jan 28, 2020

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    Yes, the actual examples in the documentation are enough:

    Example of installing Socks5 proxy for all sites except

    var config = {
    mode: "fixed_servers",
    rules: {
    proxyForHttp: {
    scheme: "socks5",
    host: ""
    bypassList: [""]
    {value: config, scope: 'regular'},
    function() {});

    Here is the office. example extension.

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