How to combine Gulp and Webpack?

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    Good day! I want to combine the work of Gulp and Webpack, but I can not figure out the local server. With npm run build, everything works as it should, but when it comes to starting the server, nothing works, as I understand it, because of the conflict between browser-sync and webpack-dev-server. How to combine their work for easy development? If you need a more detailed code, write, I'll skip it.
    In package.json, there are the following scripts:
      "scripts": {
        "editorconfig": "editorconfig-cli",
        "eslint": "eslint source/**/*.js",
        "stylelint": "stylelint \"source/sass/**/*.scss\" --syntax scss",
        "test": "npm run editorconfig && npm run stylelint && npm run eslint",
        "build": "gulp build && webpack",
        "start": "gulp start && webpack-dev-server --open"

    Gulp has the following tasks: = parallel(clear, copy, styles, svgSprite, html);
    exports.start = parallel(, server);
    JavaScript Asher Keith, Mar 20, 2019

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