How do I update the value of an object?

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    Hey. I have such an array in the state:
        "companyName": {
            "key": "companyName",
            "value": ""
        "country": {
            "key": "country",
            "options": [],
            "value": ""
        "region": {
            "key": "region",
            "options": [],
            "value": ""
        "companyWebsite": {
            "key": "companyWebsite",
            "value": ""

    I have a text input, onChange of which the value in this array should change. There can be many objects, so indexing is needed here. -euclid-hyhi5? fontsi ...

    Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong ??
    JavaScript Lukas Zhang, Aug 3, 2020

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    I don't know the react at all, but I see that you are constantly pushing a new object into the array, instead of changing the current one. Is that what you wanted to do?

    const handleChange = (index, value, key) => {
    const newFields = [...fields];
    newFields[index][key].value = value;

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