How to use captcha hearvest?

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    Good evening, there was a little misunderstanding with various captcha hearvests. More precisely, I don't understand how to use them, and the documentation is usually zero.

    I need to send a post request, by the way, using the axios library, the captcha solution key is sent, asks how can I get it? With the help of captcha hearvest'a, but I do not understand how to use it. A vicious circle ...

    I want to receive it when needed, so that I wait until the captcha appears, I solved it and the key that I decided was sent in response.

    And so the main question is how to use such methods? I'll take dzt captcha hearvest as an example. As I understand it, I need a sitekey and solve url, I figured out the sitekey, I don't understand what solve url is and how to get a captcha with it if needed.

    If you wrote something wrong, ask questions, do not leave me alone with this problem;)
    JavaScript Anna Burke, Mar 11, 2019

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    Hi, I didn't work with your captcha, but somehow I put Google re-Captcha. And since there are no answers yet, then take a look about her.

    Here's the documentation, it's pretty simple < / a>

    Strictly speaking, I worked with the ng-recaptcha angular package, but it doesn't really matter.

    There is also a site-key, you can get it when registering admin

    The domains and owners of this captcha are also indicated there, apparently, in your case, solve url should be indicated during registration, but then it should not appear anywhere in your js code. Captcha just won't work on other domains

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