Importing code from CodePen to Tilda - how?

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    Salute, comrades!

    There is an effect in CodePen:
    How to add it to Tilda by applying it on a specific block or shape?
    I understand that append needs to be done, but for some reason the code does not work for me, although the IDs are the same.
    Created a Zero block, added shape there. I copied the code from the JS section in CodePen and pasted it into the HTML block in Tilda itself, surrounding it with the "script" tag, above, in the same block I created this:

        $(".tn-elem__2381583471602451581454 .tn-atom").append("<canvas id='three-container'></canvas>");

    And in the end - nothing. I ask knowledgeable people to help. Thank you in advance.
    JavaScript Zachary McDonald, Oct 13, 2019

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    This is how you insert an empty canvas container. As a result, you will have it inserted, but without the content.

    You need something like this:

    In the 4th line of the script there is
    var selector= '';
    - check your selector, into which you need to insert the script work, if necessary - adjust it to fit your needs.

    Copy the styles and script, before that do not forget to connect the libraries. And no appendages.

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