How do I save the rendered images to localStorage and then pop them out again after reloading?

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    I have two inputs, thanks to which I form a fetch request and I receive images that are displayed on the screen.
    fetch(`${heightValue}&limit=${weightValue}`, options)
            .then((response) => {
            console.log('response', response);
            return response.json();
            // Вывожу массив изображений
            .then((data) => {
                console.log('data', data);  
                const result = document.querySelector('.result');
                const fragment = new DocumentFragment();      
                    const image = document.createElement('img');
                    image.src = item.download_url;
            .catch(() => { console.log('error') });

    I save the resulting array in localStorage like this:
                const arr = localStorage.getItem('data');
                let b = JSON.parse(arr)

    But I don't understand how to save the already displayed images after reloading the page. those. so that I can query for any number of images, they were saved and displayed each time since the last reboot.
    Sorry for the clumsy explanation.
    JavaScript Xavier Hess, Oct 27, 2019

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    Well, you can try converting images to base64 and back to File , but is it worth it?
    Elizabeth Marquez

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