How do I submit each line of an AJAX form?

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    Colleagues, hello!

    I have such a task before me. There is a form in a modal window with n lines (the number of lines can be different) because the form is created dynamically. Each line has a hidden input with the value id .

    The question is, how do I send each line for processing to the server?

    Thank you in advance for your time and useful information.
    JavaScript Anonymous, Apr 22, 2019

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    0. some kind of card ID (42)

    1.create string - (apparently do nothing? But create id (23))

    2. data entry - (wait for completion and send to the server POST / api / form / 42 / row / 23 {some kind of jisung describing the string})

    Somewhere like that.

    In javascript, subscribe to onchange events. Well, then call something like fetch or https: //developer.mozilla. org / ru / docs / Web / API / XMLH ...

    Handle deletion of lines at will
    Natalie Gilbert

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