How do you make a cursor effect like this?

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    I did not find an example. I drew it schematically.

    There is a black and white background (img_01). Around the cursor there is an area (say, 250x250px), inside which a colored background is displayed (img_02). When you move the cursor, you get a kind of torch effect. Pictures are different , that is, CSS filters are indispensable.

    So far I have only found here or here , but that's not quite right. How to perform this effect, taking into account the fact that there should be a picture inside?
    JavaScript Rhys Odom, Aug 23, 2020

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    You draw one picture on top of another, apply a mask to the top one. For this, svg or canvas is suitable


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    Read here just your case.

    Scarlett Valenzuela

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