How to scroll within an element, controlled by a mouse click?

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    Good afternoon.
    I have a code that allows me to scroll inside my browser window by holding down the mouse button and moving it, it works pretty well.
    Question: how to do the same, but inside a separate div with overflow: scroll style?

    Here is my code at the moment:

      var curDown = false,
          curYPos = 0,
          curXPos = 0;
          window.scrollBy(curXPos - m.pageX, curYPos - m.pageY)
        curYPos = m.pageY;
        curXPos = m.pageX;
        curDown = true;
        curDown = false;
    JavaScript Anonymous, Dec 7, 2019

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    For example use native scrolling. And in general, why implement such a thing when (judging by the code) this behavior has already been implemented through the mouse wheel?
    Reese Hampton

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