Why is IE11 not functional?

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    There is a site that uses JQuery in parallel with native JS. There are links to which event handlers are hung. The default cancellation method preventDefault () is applied to them. Links play the role of launching ajax functionality. This works fine in all browsers except IE11. In it, the links are activated and as a result a 404 page comes out. What could be wrong with IE and how to fix it?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Apr 10, 2020

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    Try to push handlers into the onclick attribute, or instead of href for links use data-href, and in href just put the anchor # so that there is no transition. By the way, the jQuery version may also play a role, for older browsers the 1st version of jQuery is recommended, but not the 2nd or 3rd.

    And yet, there are two ways to cancel an event, try the first option just in case:


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