How to set a rule for a redirect in case of multilingualism?

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    The site is multilingual, but because of this, there were problems with opening the sitemap (there are several of them). The map is successfully opened by url but if there is a current language in url - 404, for example
    I try it, but it doesn't work.
    location ~ ^.*\.xml$ {
        if ($request_uri ~* "([^\/]{3,})\.xml?" ) {
            set  $last_path_component  $1;
            return 301 /$last_path_component;

    Tell me how you can solve this problem?
    Nginx Anonymous, Dec 3, 2020

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    rewrite "^/[a-z]{2}/(\w+_sitemap_[\d-]+)" /$1.xml permanent;


    location ~ "^/[a-z]{2}/(\w+_sitemap_[\d-]+)" {
    return 301 /$1.xml;

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