Get immutable data from vuex to render in component?

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    good afternoon!
    such a question: I get one value from, which is rendered in two different components,
    but you need to make sure that when the lower number changes, when increasing / decreasing with the controller,
    did the top one stay the same and didn't get rendered?
    I get the value using a getter, and calculate it using computed methods
    JavaScript Everett Kent, Oct 18, 2019

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    & lt; span v-once & gt; {{data}} & lt; / span & gt;

    When data is changed, initial value .
    Ian Savage

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    Instead of computed, make a regular component property, when creating an instance, copy the value from the store:

    data() {
    return {
    value: this.$store.state.value,

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    you are referring to the same array / object. when you get it, use the spread operator '...' to get an absolutely new object / array and work with it.

    for example you got your object, then write this.counter = {... object} or this.counter = [... array].

    After that, changes to this.counter will not affect the data received from the storage in any way.


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