How does OOP interact with the DOM?

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    I can separately manipulate the house and write oop weakly (classes, inheritance, properties and methods (private, not private, static), inheritance, referring to the parent class, changing its properties or methods) in general, everything is like this, but I don't understand how does OOP properly interact with DOM? Is it really possible to refer to the house elements in methods, or to transfer elements to the house in methods and manipulate them on such a basis? in general, in this topic I do not catch up and ask those who are aware of all this, perhaps there is information that I have not read, then please throw off the links, or explain on your fingers what's what, I don't want to screw up at my first job and so that they would look at me like a mammoth. How to properly combine oop with home? separately it turns out like ...
    JavaScript Anonymous, Nov 24, 2020

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