How do I disable fullpage.js scrolling from a specific block?

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    Good afternoon!

    There is a page:

    <div id="fullpage">
    <section class="section" data-anchor="main">
    <section class="section" data-anchor="services">
    <section class="section" data-anchor="about">
    <section class="section" data-anchor="respect">

    Set up block-scrolling with fullpage.js:

          anchors: ['', '', '', ''],

    It is necessary that, starting from the about block, block scrolling stops and normal scrolling begins. I don't understand how to implement it .. I tried normalScrollElements: - for some reason it doesn't work ..
    JavaScript Anonymous, Oct 27, 2020

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    Gavin McCullough

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    So move the about and respect blocks out of fullpage
    Evelyn McGee

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