How to pass Form Data and User-Agent to axios?

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    Good afternoon, I ran into the need to pass Form Data and User-Agent when post request axios.

    On the site to which I am making a request, with a mobile user-agent, I need to send Form-Data.

    But unfortunately I do not know how to make a request with a specific user-agent and transfer the form-data I need, or rather, there were attempts, but they were not successful, so in case, I ask knowledgeable people to help me, with me Thanks a lot as usual;)
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jun 17, 2020

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    // `headers` are custom headers to be sent
    headers: {'X-Requested-With': 'XMLHttpRequest'}

    // `data` is the data to be sent as the request body
    // Only applicable for request methods 'PUT', 'POST', 'DELETE , and 'PATCH'
    // When no `transformRequest` is set, must be of one of the following types:
    // - string, plain object, ArrayBuffer, ArrayBufferView, URLSearchParams
    // - Browser only: FormData, File, Blob
    // - Node only: Stream, Buffer
    data: {
    firstName: 'Fred'

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