Why isn't a preview of search results displayed on my Wordpress site?

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    Greetings to all! There was such a problem with the search on the site - https://www.buildbody.org.ua/ . Previously, during the initial text input, possibly suitable results appear under the search box, that is, before a person clicks on the search, articles that contain a word that the user enters is displayed just below.
    Now, even when you enter a word correctly, for example "protein", it is displayed in the preview below that no results were found. Although when you click on the search for this word, everything is found without any problems.

    What is the reason, how to fix it !? Help me to understand!
    JavaScript Sebastien Perkins, Sep 8, 2019

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    At least if you make a search on the search page, the data is sent:

    s: protein

    action: searchwp_live_search

    swpengine: default

    swpquery: protein

    And so https: //www.buildbody.org.ua/wp-admin/admin-ajax.p ... it looks like it.

    And if from a hat, then only:

    s: prote

    See which scripts are responsible for the form in the header

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