How to make a simple server-side API in JS, which database is better to use?

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    I have a small website that has a table with data. The data is stored in an Excel file, then translated into json and stored in a json file on the site, from which it is loaded.

    Goal: Create a simple server-side API, with multiple endpoints to access and retrieve data.
    Language: javascript
    Input knowledge: basic js knowledge

    What is the best way to implement this? What tools should you use? Is there a ready-made version?

    Thank you for your attention, I will be glad to any advice!
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jan 3, 2020

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    node + mongoDB + mongoose, search YouTube for these words, there will be a bunch of vidos

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    there is a small site

    if the site is on regular shared hosting, where only PHP is available, then there will not be much choice

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