Why does it break when wrapping the code in $ (document) .on ('click', function ({});?

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    When you click on a letter, it is added to the text field, but when I wrapped the code in this construction, then with each subsequent click, the number of letters being entered increases. Easier to see with an example:
    How to fix it?
    Such a wrapper is needed for the code to work in a block that is loaded with ajax.

    P.s. The answer fallus in the comments is what you need. Thank you
    JavaScript Anonymous, Oct 23, 2020

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    every time at document.onclick this is all called, and new event listeners are added to the spans

    This wrapper is needed for ajax


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    I didn't understand anything (including what the mix from native js and jquery is for).

    But it's easier to figure it out:

    But again, I didn't understand anything.

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