Game dress up a doll in js, which tools to use?

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    Remember these minigames on flash and not only, in the manner of dressing a barbie doll, or help a girl / guy choose what to wear, etc.
    I just want to reproduce something like this in js so that there is a 2d character layout, click on some item in the menu and it appears on it.
    The question is which tools to use for such an application? I don't even know how to google it ...
    Maybe there are ready-made solutions or examples of similar projects? It came to mind to do this through canvas and put one image on top of another
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jan 26, 2020

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    Ava Woods

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    mouse events, image coordinates, canvas is a great start.

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    Well, do what you think, this is your project, only you decide which technologies to use.

    Specifically, in your case, there are no clear rules on how to implement this.
    Jasper Simmons

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