"Cannot find module" error when running Gulp after installing npm. Why?

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    Configured gulpfile. When creating a new project, I have gulpfile.js, package.json, and a folder with the project structure.
    In the assembly I use the plugins "gulp-webp", gulp-webp-html "," gulp-webpcss "to work with webp. Also, as I understand, for this you need to use the plugin" webp-converter "- it is also there.

    After installing npm (npm i) locally, when trying to run gulp, I get an error: Error: Cannot find module 'webp-converter / cwebp'.

    Tell me why gulp can not find a plugin that is installed in the dependencies and is in node_modules. And how do you make it work correctly?
    JavaScript Emily Snyder, Dec 6, 2019

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