How can I rewrite this code to foreach?

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    const seasons = {
      SUMMER: {
        BEGINNING: "summer.beginning",
        ENDING: "summer.ending"
      WINTER: "winter",
      SPRING: "spring",
      AUTUMN: "autumn"
    let season = seasons.SUMMER.BEGINNING;
    if (!season) {
      throw new Error("Season is not defined");
    switch (season) {
      case seasons.SUMMER.BEGINNING:
      // Do something for summer beginning
      case seasons.SUMMER.ENDING:
      // Do something for summer ending
      case seasons.SUMMER:
      // This will work if season = seasons.SUMMER
      // Do something for summer (generic)
      case seasons.WINTER:
      //Do something for winter
      case seasons.SPRING:
      //Do something for spring
      case seasons.AUTUMN:
      //Do something for autumn
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jan 29, 2020

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    forEach is an array method, where are the arrays?
    Layla Wilcox

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    Cast an object to an array. Object.keys, Object.values ​​and Object.entries to help

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    Not how. forEach processes the array and performs some function for each value. In your case, it is not required to process all keys, but only one

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