Can Java be run in a browser in 2020?

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    There is network equipment (IPKVM) with access via java. How to be with him? Are there any working methods? Itself on a poppy, but it does not matter.
    Java Lucy Hodge, Nov 27, 2019

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    Modern browsers do not support applets, and they are outdated already.

    You have 3 options:

    - find your old browser. For example, Firefox ESR version

    - find another library compatible with your hardware

    - write your own solution, if so much needed)))

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    Use an ancient browser.

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    If we are talking about applets, then really.

    In WIN 10, there is an old IE by default, it knows how to work with this, you just need to tinker with the security policy in the browser and in Java itself
    Reece Lawson

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