3D graphics in Java. Which program / engine to use?

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    I have been creating programs (mostly games) in Java for quite some time now. I used to create only games with 2D graphics and I want to try myself in 3D, but I can't find a good engine / training for creating 3D graphics in Java. What do you recommend? If you can recommend something, please also leave a link to the site where you can learn it, and it is desirable to clarify how long you need to study it in order to create the first 3D games. Thank you in advance.
    Java Anonymous, Sep 16, 2020

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    I'm not an expert in this area, but if you need Java specifically, I can recommend the following engines and frameworks:

    Desktop / Android / BlackBerry / iOS / HTML5 Java game development framework


    Lightweight Java Game Library




    But if you want to be a professional game developer, then as far as I know, now it is:

    Unity (PL - C #)

    Unreal Engine (JP - C ++)
    Lydia Ryan

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