How to orchestrate between microservices in Docker?

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    Hello dear members of the forum. I set a task, but I don’t know how to solve it. The bottom line: Several microservices in docker containers, one of which is spring boot. The goal is to transfer data from container to container. For example: We fill in the form in the web-UI. Next, transfer to the springboot to the controller. Next, the controller sends a parser to the service. Then the parser service sends a mapper to the service. Then the mapper sends it to the database. I tried to poke into Kafka and JMS, but I do not understand many things, please help me figure out the networking between containers. Q: What are the prerequisites for enabling this container interaction within Docker
    Java Julian Barton, Apr 19, 2019

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    1) the architecture is so-so ...

    2) every service should know where to knock - look at or zookeper

    3) have not mastered kafka, start with something easier, for example apache pulsar

    4) Well and yes, in docker the orchestration is the same as without it. But you can also docker-composer

    5) alas, microservices are often more complex than they seem.

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