How do I convert a Java 8 lambda string to 7?

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    Yes Function
    private void addAllOrderedStocksToList(List<Integer> list) {
            Iterator<Integer> amountIterator = data.getNumberOfOrderedStacks().iterator();
            Iterator<Integer> lengthIterator = data.getOrderedStackLengths().iterator();
           while (amountIterator.hasNext()) {
              int amount =;
              int length =;
               IntStream.range(0, amount).forEach(x -> list.add(length));   

    The problem I am having is this line. I don't understand what she does at all.
    IntStream.range (0, amount) .forEach (x - & gt; list.add (length));
    Can anyone help me to remake it in Java 7.
    Java Anonymous, Mar 31, 2020

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    Java 7 doesn't have Stream Api. Rewrite the for loop from zero to amount, and in the body of the loop add length to list.
    Sebastian Ruiz

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