Want to write a chat using laravel-echo-server?

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    I want to write a chat using laravel-echo-server

    In vue via axios, I send a message to the controller
    in the controller I call ChatEvent :: dispatch ($ request- & gt; input ('message'))
    in event I write to a variable and call Chanel ('chat')
    in vue I listen to port 6001 and when the event fires, the code inside should work, but it doesn't work

    Laravel Anonymous, Sep 11, 2020

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    The answer can be seen in the documentation . Ideally, just read the necessary topics completely and you will understand what is there and where to look.

    And for debugging it is better to use the chrome debugger (or whatever is convenient) Network - & gt; WS, here you need to at least check if the application is connected. And whether it receives these messages at all.

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