How to make a simple web application by appointment?

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    Please give me an idea or suggest a ready-made solution.
    It is necessary to make a simple application on the website by appointment. Displaying the calendar with the dates of the month (green free dates, red - busy), when you click on green, give free time for the day (also fill those busy with red and make them inactive), after choosing the time, a window with personal data and a send button. No prices, no sending e-mail confirmations, no admin panel, no complex functionality, I will just save the date and data in the database.
    How many I studied and looked for ready-made - everything is not right, I cannot understand how to implement it myself.
    I realized that on the side of the view (display at the client) we draw a regular calendar, also display the clock, then when the form is submitted, we take this data and transfer it to the server ... but here's the problem, I can't figure out how to check the availability of the date and time from the database and , accordingly, to render it all at once on the view side, so that it is not possible to sign up for a busy time (it is when the page is loaded to check and visually display, and not at the time of sending the form to check and tell the client that the time is busy).
    Please help with ideas or solutions.
    JavaScript Audrey Cobb, Mar 27, 2020

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    Take a closer look at Google Forms. There is also an analogue from a competitor: Yandex forms. Just fill in the search and find them easily.
    Lilly Harper

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    Everything was invented for us

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    How is it? When the page loads, pull the base and draw based on the received data, but how else? To reduce the load, you can save a static copy, which you demolish with each record, so that it is updated.

    And you still need to check when submitting the form. You can't trust the client.

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    check and visually display exactly when the page is loaded, and not check and tell the client that the time is busy at the moment of submitting the form

    If you have more than one client, you will have to check both when loading and when recording.

    If the time chosen by the client is busy while he was choosing, update the information on the client and offer to choose a different time.

    Are you a Muscovite, or what? Have you ever had to sign up for a clinic when the appointment starts at 8 am, and at 8:03 am it is already useless to go to the site? Or catch train tickets for NG from an intermediate station?
    Luke Klein

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