How to shrink and adapt the text to fit the block, not the browser?

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    There is a block. It is filled with text when certain events occur. But with a large amount of text, it goes beyond the block border. I add overflow but the bottom of the text is cut out.

    Found it on the forum, but then after adding the text a scroll just appears, and I just need the text to decrease:
    It also has a "add text" button, which adds the same text twice and the text is reduced, but I need to place the text in a block without this button and without adding text.

    How do I make the text responsive? To make it shrink when the div overflows?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jun 28, 2019

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    Updated: found a solution: example and library

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    there, after all, the JS code is already ready, take it and use it

    function scale(block) {
    var step = 0.1,
    minfs = 9,
    scw = block.scrollWidth,
    w = block.offsetWidth;
    if (scw < w) {
    var fontsize = parseInt($(block).css('font-size'), 10) - step;
    if (fontsize >= minfs){
    // demo
    var text = $('div').html();
    $('div').html($('div').html() + text);

    But if used without a button, you will need to watch the block change (onchange) and apply the scale function

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