How to send ajax data from input type = & quot; file & quot; to the file and from there add the image to the property of the file type element?

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    or maybe it's better to download it and then get a link like that ...
    I send text fields by
    data: ({name:$('#name').val(), nomer:$('#phone').val(),

    can i send images in the same way?
    and if so, how can you then add a new infoblock element to the file type property. text and select are added without problems
    $PROP['PHONE'] = $phone;
        $PROP[139][] = array('VALUE' => $select);
    jQuery Avery Perez, Nov 5, 2019

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    To submit a form with files in js, it is better to use formData

    The rest of the manipulations depend only on you.

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