How to find and remove a checked checkbox?

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    Good afternoon.

    There are a number of checkboxes with the value value, which are displayed separately with a certain "checklist".

     <div id='result2'>
        <div class="md-checkbox" style="font-size:20px">
          <input id="checkbox_4" type="checkbox" class="calkulator" data-check="0" data-rezsumm="1" value="Значение_1">
          <label for="checkbox_4" id='cooler'>Значение_1</label>
        <div id='result3'>
    <div class="md-checkbox" style="font-size:20px">
          <input id="checkbox_5" type="checkbox" class="calkulator" data-check="0" data-rezsumm="1" value="Значение_2" value="<button id="btn-off">
          <label for="checkbox_5" id='cooler'>Значение_2</label>
    <div class="md-checkbox" style="font-size:20px">
          <input id="checkbox_6" type="checkbox" class="calkulator" data-check="1000"data-rezsumm="1" value="Значение_3.">
          <label for="checkbox_6" id='cooler'>Значение_3</label>

    Tell me how to find checkbox by value and switch.

    		$('#result_4').append($(this).val() + ' ' + '<button id=del>Сброс</button>' + '<br>');
        $("#del").click(function() {
        $('[value= '$(this)']").prop('checked',false);
    jQuery Jaxon Shaffer, Dec 24, 2019

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