How to refer to an object created by a function in an object?

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    Good day,

    I simulate the database, creating one object for each new request. There was a problem that I cannot access the properties of the object, it throws undefined. or can't read property of undefined. For example, I want to display only timings for all objects, or only for one specific one, but it turns out like this. Also don't understand yet how to refer to a specific object in an object, it also throws undefined. There is an assumption that it can be solved somehow through loops, but I don't know how. Or am I just calling the properties I need in the wrong way?
    My code:
    let ger_task = {}
    let name = 1;
    let descr = 2;
    let timing = 3;
    let ready =4;
    let auth = 5;
    //функция для создания новых заданий или объектов
    function newTask(name,descr,timing,auth,ready) { = name;
        this.descr = descr;
        this.timing = timing;
        this.ready = ready;
        this.auth = auth;
        content = {
        ger_task[name] = this.content ;
    newTask('1', '2', "3",'4', "5")
    newTask('а', 'b', "c",' d', "e")

    Thanks for the help!
    JavaScript Anonymous, Nov 18, 2019

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    Ger_task doesn't have a content property.

    console.log (ger_task.а.task);
    Aria Strong

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    // this program shows how to access an element in an object via the object method

    let ger_task = {

    name: [1,2,3,4],

    descr: [1,2,3,4],

    meth: function (value) {

    console.log ( [2]);

    console.log (this.descr [1]);

    // when the function is a method of an object then the this pointer will be bound to it,

    // if the function belongs to the global scope, this points to the window object

    return value



    console.log (ger_task.meth (

    console.log (ger_task.meth (ger_task.descr [3]))
    Adelaide Harding

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