Why doesn't style work for querySelector?

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    Tried both querySelector, both querySelectorAll and getElementsByClassName. But you still can't change the style value.

    const buttons = document.getElementsByClassName('js-toggle-card');
        for (const button of buttons) {
            button.addEventListener('click', () => {
                let tags__secondaryEl = document.querySelector('tags__secondary');
                tags__secondaryEl.style.display = 'block';

    This is what the compiler says:

    JavaScript Quinn Aguirre, Sep 18, 2019

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    He says so because document.querySelector ('tags__secondary') returned null. That is, he did not find the element

    & lt; tags__secondary & gt; on your page.

    Did you mean document.querySelector ('. Tags__secondary')
    Cora Fleming

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    document.querySelector('.tags__secondary'); // точку в селекторе забыли

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    add a dot in the querySelector declaration

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