The problem with the array code from the book "JavaScript for Dummies", what could be the problem?

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    The problem is that when writing this code AND it is that when trying to get a response in two different ways, it should return "PatsyCline: Sentimentally Yours" , but only return the letter of the element depending on the index of the element. Example in the second picture
    And if you do this through a web page, the situation is the same.
    Could this be because the code from the book was written in ES5?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Aug 23, 2019

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    I can't even imagine what kind of book it is ...

    You create an array var bestAlbumsByGenre = []

    Next, you assign as the first element the LINE bestAlbumsByGenre [0] = "Country"

    And then you assign a new value to the line under the index 0 bestAlbumsByGenre [0] [0] = "JohnyCash"

    The result of bestAlbumsByGenre [0] [0] will be the letter C (the zero element of the zero element of the bestAlbumsByGenre array, that is, the first letter of the Country string), and you assign another string instead - this is not customary for us, it does not work that way.

    If you go for this to work, then it must either be an object.

    var bestAlbumsByGenre  = {
    "Country": ["JohnyCash", "PatsyChine"],
    "Rock": []

    or an array instead of a string

    bestAlbumsByGenre [0] = []

    bestAlbumsByGenre [0] [0] = "JohnyCash"

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