How to organize a kick from a conversation?

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    How do I organize a kick from a conversation using a forwarded message?
    There is this code
    if(msg.peerType != "chat") return send("❌ || Данная команда работает только в беседах!");
      	if(!msg.forwards) return send("❌ || Не обнаружено пересланного сообщения!");
      var g23 = msg.forwards[0];
    vk.api.messages.removeChatUser({chat_id: msg.peerId-2000000000, user_id: g23.senderId})
    send("⚠Пользователь исключён!");

    As I understand it, the forwarded message is not checked at all. And after that, the expected error is that the user ID is not known. In vk.api I realized that somehow it is possible to organize through forward, but how exactly?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Nov 28, 2019

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    In VK it is possible not only to forward messages, but also to reply to them.

    As a consequence, vk-io provides a replyMessage object in the new message event.

    let removedUser = (msg.replyMessage ? msg.replyMessage.senderId : msg.forwards[0].senderId);
    vk.api.messages.removeChatUser({chat_id: msg.chatId, user_id: removedUser});

    In this code, we check the existence of the object, the message to which we replied, and if it exists, we take the user ID from it.

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