Replacing the content in the block (text, for example) when clicking on a button and not one, but 2 3 4 ... buttons?

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    For example, when the page has loaded, the "1" button is active and one text is written in the block. When you press the button "2", then in the same block the text changes to another and so on with the button "3, 4, ...". At the same time, next to the same blocks with the same buttons.
    Like the picture below ... Click on "1" and the price is 300, you click on "3" and the price is 500 and so on. I searched, but did not find exactly this (although I know that somewhere on the Internet). How can you implement it?

    Who is sorry to waste time on me to write code, at least explain in words)
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jul 3, 2019

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    Can be implemented using a slider (slider js) or samopis

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