How to add a method dynamically to a class, inside the same class?

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    In one of the class methods I want to dynamically create new methods, the names of which are also created in the process.

    initDOMListeners() {
        this.listeners.forEach(list => {
          const method = capitalize(list)
          this[method] =  this[method].bind(this)
          this.$root.on(list, this[method])

    He swears at this [method]: The element is implicitly of type "any", since an expression of type "string" cannot be used for indexing like "DomListener (my class)".
    An index signature with a parameter of type "string" was not found in type "DomListener" .:

    How can this problem be solved?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Feb 22, 2019

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    In typescript, you cannot modify an existing class. A class is a complete entity. End.

    With inheritance, you can add new methods to a new inheriting class .

    And of course, you can hack anything that is possible in javascript, forcibly bypassing ts, but ts will not know about it and, accordingly, no typing.

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